Worldwide Consultancy on Professional Development

Professional Keynote Speaker

I speak about some of my personal and professional experiences, including as a Paramedic in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and UK Special Forces Medical Group. Whilst deployed on operations overseas, I was often involved in life-and-death situations - ultimately leading to my career in CPD:
Continuing Professional Development.

Sharing my stories isn’t to indulge my ego - I pass on hard-earned lessons and insights
relevant to anyone interested in personal or professional development.

It’s not what happens to us in life, but how we react to it. 
Reflect, challenge, find a new approach!

Once a month I also speak at no charge, to a Charitable/not-for-profit group.
Contact me to find out more: +64 (0)27-5777-307

 ‘I was spellbound by the stories Tomas Hollings shared…
They indicated the breadth of his leadership experience and his high degree of resilience when faced with extremely challenging situations. These are attributes one looks for in a leader and his personal stories illustrated effectively the responses and the traits required by those in leadership positions.’
David Clarkson Dynamic Communication

‘A brilliant and engaging speaker - leaving the crowd feeling inspired. He talked about his passion…
He loves nothing more than helping driven people get the success they deserve.’ ​
Erica Austin - Ministry of Awesome 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
I provide one-to-one Coaching and Leadership Training. In my Consultancy work with businesses and organisations, the focus is on strengthening Team Culture and interpersonal relationships. This can include advising on Performance Appraisals.

First we identify:
  • What are the Goals
  • What's needed to accelerate Success
  • Actions & Behavioural changes needed
  • Accountability & Support structure needed
For Coaching and Leadership Training, our initial meetings are no-obligation opportunities to make sure we are the right fit for each other. 

‘Tomas Hollings is a man of immense presence and character… Extremely knowledgeable, personable and competent. He is a natural leader and exudes an air of calm and measured confidence. His pragmatic and realistic approach to problem solving makes him a valuable asset to any team.’
Lieutenant Colonel J C Hair RAMC, British Army

Wise Digital Portfolios
You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and want to be the best you possibly can… Your Portfolio needs to reflect that and help you achieve your career aspirations.

As CEO of Wise Portfolios, I will oversee the design of your digital career Portfolio; an impressive online Portfolio far superior to a traditional CV. Wise Digital Portfolios are very easy to Share, update, and can include Video content.

Record of Learning & Competencies
Your Wise Portfolio will reflect your successes, experience, skills, strengths and qualifications. It can also provide up-to-date evidence (attestation) of professional knowledge, compliance, registration/s, audits, and of meeting contractual obligations - particularly important in the Health, Defence, and Education sectors.

‘My experience with Wise Portfolios has been outstanding. They are knowledgeable, committed to what is the customer’s best interests, and remain in touch with their clients throughout the entire process.
They have made me feel at ease with such an overwhelming task as making a portfolio.’

 Gemma Prime

‘I am very happy with the product Wise Portfolios has been able to deliver. It has been great being able to present my finished portfolio during any interview. I believe that it has been well worth the investment.’
Josh Boon
About Tomas Hollings
My Consultancy and Speaking services evolved from my experience on the frontline - where we fostered a culture that allowed for the continuous development of new possibilities, in order to defeat new challenges. I had to adapt to any situation and purpose. By working to build team culture, I was able to play a key role in ensuring my team could deliver competent professionals able to make life and death decisions in hostile, arduous conditions. 

I have traversed a wide and varied career - spending the majority of my time in foreign, often dangerous environments. E.g. Deployed in Afghanistan as a Paramedic in the British Army; in Belize, living in deep crocodile-ridden jungle; and the USA, where I qualified as a free-fall skydiver. 

I also worked in the UK’s National Health Service - leading responses and managing events as the senior Clinician during major medical and emergency situations. In 2011 I joined the New Zealand Defence Force as a medic. 

My experiences gave me invaluable problem-solving and communication skills, and the adaptability and initiative to help others achieve the success they deserve.